Service Policies

This website belongs to Portway, Handling de Portugal, SA. (hereinafter mentioned as Portway). The Service Policies here included rule the relation that is established between Portway and the Website user. Such policies may be subject to change whenever Portway considers necessary.

In case Portway decides to change such Service Policies, the new version shall replace this one. The new version shall be in force as from the date it is published on this website, and the relation between Portway and all users shall be ruled by the new version.
We advise you to visit this page of our website regularly, to ensure you are aware of the Service Policies in force. Note that Portway also reserves the right to change the contents of this website at any moment.
By using this website, the user tacitly agrees to the terms and conditions of use that are mentioned hereunder. In case the user does not agree to all those terms and conditions, he should not continue to use this website or make any booking of services offered at the website.
The objective of the website is to provide commercial and operational information considered to be relevant for the users.


Recommendations and Warnings

Portway invests and is committed to protect and ensure the safety of the data of users of, both during the transactions, and in what concerns the safeguarding of personal data in the database of the website (see Privacy Policy).
In addition to this effort, users need to have a wise attitude, in order to protect their data. Therefore, Portway advises the users:
– To ensure that the browser is closed before leaving the computer unattended;
– To make sure that the computer used to access is free from virus and spyware.


Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights related with the information made available on this website, including but not limited to text contents, headlines, photos, images, moving images, pictures, names, logotypes and brands, belong to Portway or to possible licensees. Portway making available such information does not transfer to the user, in any case, the right to reproduce or distribute such information. Such actions are not allowed without the previous consent of Portway or the above mentioned possible licensees. Nevertheless, the user is authorised to download and/or print out the information for private and non-commercial purposes. This website cannot be shown embedded in other websites that do not belong to Portway.
Nevertheless, the user may create and distribute links to the pages of Portway reserves the right of accepting such links or not.



The website may contain links to other external websites operated by third parties. The websites to which such external links correspond to are not under control of Portway, which does not assume any responsibility for the contents of such websites, or the provision of any goods or services the user may acquire or hire on any one of such websites. Portway may not ensure that the contents of any third party website are accurate, legal or harmless.
Some external websites may be shown in the website through frames, whether including some of our website contents or not, or include reciprocate links to our website. Such resources are available only for the convenience of the users and do not constitute an endorsement to such websites or their contents.
Users assume the exclusive responsibility for using external websites.


Termination of Use

Portway may, at any time and based on the criteria it may deem appropriate, terminate the access of the user to the website



Please read our Privacy Policy, which defines the way we collect and use personal information that may be obtained through your use of the website


Warranty Limit

Portway develops its best endeavours so that the information contained on this website is accurate and complete. Even though, Portway may not, explicitly or implicitly, guarantee that the information contained in this website is complete and accurate, or that the website will not be subject to delays or interruptions.


Liability Limit

The website users implicitly agree not to hold Portway responsible for any direct or indirect loss arising from the use of the information contained therein. Similarly, Portway shall not be liable by the services and/or products offered by third parties through this website.
Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability
Portway does not claim or ensure that the use or access of the user to shall be uninterrupted or free from errors, or that the availability of the material in this website shall be free from virus or bugs. Using this website takes place at the account and risk of the user. Users assume full responsibility and risk for any losses arising from the transfer, use or access to data, information and other materials on or through the website
1. Portway does not guarantee, and the user is not entitled to other rights, except those expressly provided for under these terms and conditions;
2. All implicit conditions, guarantees and rights are excluded.
Particularly, Portway does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided, or the integrity, reliability or fitness for a specific purpose, of the contents of this website.
Except as above mentioned, Portway shall not accept any liability for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, losses, damages or inconveniences suffered or incurred by any person arising or related with this agreement, the website, any use of this website (including any operations carried out through this website), the trust on any content of this website or by the acts, omissions or conduct of any advertiser on



The agreement between the user and Portway, based on these terms and conditions, shall be ruled and construed according to the Portuguese law.
The user undertakes, irrevocably and unconditionally, to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Lisbon county court, regarding this agreement.

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